Sleep Apnea

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Hauge Dental Care is proud to offer sleep apnea treatment for our patients. Our doctors have taken extensive training on Sleep Apnea, and are able to help with the treatment of this very life threatening condition. We offer take home sleep tests, so there is no need to go to a sleep lab anymore to find out if you have this condition.

If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, we will then help you get the treatment that is needed. If your case is mild or moderate, or if you already have a CPAP machine and can't tolerate it, we can help you by making an oral appliance. If your condition is severe, and it is recommended that you try a CPAP machine, we will get you set up with a local sleep doctor.

If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, most medical insurances will cover your treatment. So, if you are a snorer (70% of snorers have or develop sleep apnea), have high blood pressure, wake up feeling unrefreshed, are excessively tired at times during the day, or have decreased energy and motivation levels, now is the time to call us and take charge of your health.


Dr. Tom,

It has been over six weeks since I began using the sleep apnea dental appliance you prescribed, and I would like to send you this feedback on its success.

Everything about this experience has been positive; from the initial consultation, to the at-home testing, to the testing results consultation, to the appliance design procedure, and - most importantly - to the appliance itself and the results it has provided. Throughout the entire process, I have been so impressed and grateful for the courtesy, professionalism, thoroughness and results you and everyone I worked at Hauge Dental Care provided. Most importantly, the appliance itself has been terrific. I have never slept better! Before, I usually awoke exhausted and unrefreshed. Today, I awake enthusiastically and that energy stays with me throughout the day. I had become so used to sleep apnea, that I didn't even realize how unnatural it was to awaken over and again during the night and awaken in the morning feeling tired and worn out. Now, I hit the pillow in the evening and don't awaken again until morning fully refreshed. The appliance only took a few evenings to feel completely natural. In fact, it now feels completely unnatural to go to bed without it. The first few mornings, there was a slight amount of adjustment after awakening, but now I often find I have completely forgotten that I'm even wearing the appliance until well after I've gotten up.

Treating sleep apnea this way has been such an improvement to my life. I could not more sincerely encourage every patient you may have who may have been living with sleep apnea to explore this solution.

Thank you!

Don K.